Hi, my name is Jakub
I'm a creative graphic designer and an illustrator based in Denmark, specialising in branding, logo design, digital design, and print design.

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about a new project please feel free to contact me
I look forward to working with you.

Ergomåtter is a company selling high-quality custom-printed carpets, doormats, and runners. It offers its products to both shops and production plants, as well as to individual customers.

Services: branding, webshop CMS, SoMe, flyers design, logo, marketing


Mascot costumes of great quality at a fair price. At Euro Mascots put great pride in the production of mascot costumes and do this in a very cost-efficient way.

Services: logo, mascot

WheelsAndMore is a modern web shop offering tyres, rims, and car accessories. They operate on the Danish market. The contemporary and dynamic image of the company lets it target its offer at active people, keen on expressing their individuality.

Services: branding, webshop OpenCart, flyers design

AMK Service

AMK-Service offers cleaning services and mobile car washing using water vapour without detergents. The contemporary style of the company’s website makes its visual identity go hand in hand with the modern solutions it offers.

Services: webdesign, branding, logo, printing


Vision4Kids - a company offering one-day sticker eyepatches for children with a visual impairment. Working closely with Vision4Kids, I have designed 4 posters featuring fantastic characters onto which kids can stick their used eyepatches.

Services: illustration


Stello is a company acting as an agency between Polish and Danish enterprises operating in the metallurgical industry.

Services: logo, branding


NTE is a company for which I have designed a logo and a complete brand book to help it maintain a consistent visual identity in its future projects.

Services: logo, branding

Fyrværkeri Mesteren

Fyrværkeri Mesteren is a Danish distributor of fireworks and pyrotechnic accessories. I have designed the company’s mascot combined with its logo.

Services: branding, mascot, printing

Hørning Cityforening

An entry in a competition for the logo of the town of Hørning union. The logo’s main element is a windmill - a trademark of Hørning. The colour scheme has been inspired by the town’s coat of arms.

Services: branding, logo


Polycut company deals in the production of machines for cutting in foamed polystyrene. The logo design is strongly related to the company's operations as well as the operation of the cutting machine.

Services: branding, logo, flyers, printing, webdesign